Warehousing & Distribution


The big boys always put tremendous pressure on their managers to utilize their assets. There is simply too much incentive to bring your cargo to their warehouse, whether they have the best facility for your supply chain or not.

We have no incentive to place the wrong cargo in the wrong hands at the wrong price. In fact, we find that completely open cost and service analyses build the correct spirit of partnership and collaboration with our customers. We play the matchmaker for your cargo; together, we design affordable solutions, providing you with reliable service and full visibility.

LDP Logistics warehousing and distribution services:

  • Consolidation/Deconsolidation
  • Pick and Pack
  • Transloading/Cross-docking
  • Insurance Inspection
  • Storage
  • Labeling
  • Other Value-Added Services


The LDP Logistics Brand Promise

We simplify transportation management, handling crucial tasks so clients can focus on what they do best. Clients, carrier partners, and LDP Logistics team members enjoy an exceptional experience grounded in the LDP Logistics Way.

Better Technology

The heart of our offering is our proprietary technology—quickly adaptable, highly scalable, and uniquely easy to use for clients, partners, and vendors. Through efficiently integrated portals, we ensure better data collection and transmission, seamless communication, comprehensive reporting, and real-time visibility.

Expert Logistics Professionals

LDP Logistics has the best people in the business, building a team of energetic, enthusiastic, expert logistics professionals determined to deliver the highest quality service experience. With outstanding coverage, we help ensure your goods arrive where and when you need them, whatever the mode.

Exceptional Service

Above all, LDP Logistics values exceptional service in every client interaction. We recognize that one solution does not fit all, so we evaluate your transportation needs, discover efficiencies, and deliver the best value for your spend. LDP Logistics ensures you get the transportation management that’s right for you.

Not sure which solution fits you business needs?